Austin Donnelly Writes


Veterinary nonfiction

I am an Irish veterinarian. I have travelled and worked as a vet far and wide, from locations in Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand. I  have created this page to share with you news of my upcoming book and tasters of some of my stories along the way. The Facebook and Instagram links below also have some photos from my work and travels.

Many of my stories arise from my work as a vet, working with fascinating animals and many colorful human characters too!

As well as telling a few animal tales, I love to hear them too.

If you have got any interesting animal stories or photos please do send me a message - contact form below. 

Kind regards Austin

 I am in the process of moving this site to Wordpress.

cute rescue kitten

A SAFE rescue kitten 




April 19 

stunning male peacock


Alice Springs Jan 2019

Admiral butterfly

Admiral Butterfly 

Mount Usher Gardens Wicklow June 2018

cute sleeping piglet

A sleepy Piglet

Wodonga Victoria Australia September 18